Finally....... Twelve years of trying.  Twelve years, on and off, with alternating bursts of hope and self-doubt.  Twelve years of periodic wondering what I needed to do differently in order to be seen, to be received, to be wanted. I have been accepted to.....(read more by clicking the link above)

Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two

Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two...... A big thank you to those students who joined me for the first week of drop-in Viewpoints classes at Prospect Theater Project! I loved getting to explore Spatial Relationship and Tempo with you: watching you play and inhabit the room was really joyful. What was really beautiful to see … Continue reading Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two

Blogging and Branding

Blogging and Branding...... I started what would be considered my first weblog back in my freshman year at CSU Stanislaus—seventeen years ago, in the early days of internet use by the masses.  For a long time, I housed my thoughts on Yahoo’s Geocities webhosting, but I was not clever enough to save the months and … Continue reading Blogging and Branding