Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two

Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two……

A big thank you to those students who joined me for the first week of drop-in Viewpoints classes at Prospect Theater Project! I loved getting to explore Spatial Relationship and Tempo with you: watching you play and inhabit the room was really joyful.

What was really beautiful to see was how quickly you formed an ensemble, with each individual being aware of and responsive to the others, and the care you took with one another.  To me, that ability to work together and yet separately is a necessary skill for theatre-making.  It is at the core of the collaborative process.

This Saturday, I hope to see even more faces joining our group as we delve further into the Viewpoints of Space, particularly Architecture and Topography.

We will be focusing on and exploring the ways that relationship to Architecture shift our awareness and our emotional response.  How does this person sit in the chair — or stand on it, near it, run away from it?  What narrative begins to unfold about character, place, and time as we play with Architecture?

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