New Website!

This week, I bit the bullet and invested in a personal plan through that allows me to have my own domain name and more insights into the ways folks are interacting with the site.  Unfortunately, either because of my own human error (likely) or a functionality issue in WordPress, my existing page/blog didn’t get auto-incorporated into this new site.  So I’ve left the existing page up and simply excerpted and linked the four blog posts that were there onto the Blog page on this new site/domain.

I have spent a good deal of time setting up, playing with several of the free WordPress themes to find out which one had the best LDT-friendly setup and usabilty.  I finally went with a great theme called Goran, which I have been really appreciating—after an initial tussle with the static header image dimensions, that is.  I am by no means a computer genius, which makes me so grateful for programs like WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc. that allow folks to create usable, attractive websites.

The site probably isn’t “perfect” just yet, and I may be doing some noticeable tweaks to it over the coming weeks, but right now I feel pretty gosh darn satisfied with it (perhaps with the exception of the Media page, which I know needs some tweaks—but I wanted to get some images in there, at least).  Enjoy looking around, and feel free to leave suggestions—but don’t get miffed if I don’t use them!

Love you guys,

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