Grad School is Busy

I just spent about an hour creating a shared Google Calendar for Joel and I.  He started a part-time job at Grow DTLA last week, and my grad school schedule is growing and growing…so making a space for us to see each other’s schedules at a glance (including events we are attending together–like the shows I have to see for classes) just made sense.

And suddenly I realize just how booked I am.

Several of you all have been trying to get a hold of me.  People I love and who hold rank in the pantheon of my Universe…and I have not gotten back to you.  Hopefully you are used to my communication patterns by now and have not taken this personally.  It isn’t a jab or conscious slight…it’s just that an MFA program is an intensive time requirement, and it’s one I am still getting used to.

Three additional factors beyond the 6 classes I am taking?




I know, RIGHT?!?!?!?  All good news, and all things I am so grateful for, and all things I have not had a chance to share!

1) I got a part-time work study position as a student assistant for the Department of Theatre and Dance.  Our fabulous chair, Meredith Greenburg is my boss, and I am so thrilled to be working with her.

2) This semester, we have a wonderful guest artist/teacher from Barcelona — Anna Estrada Verdaguer — who is teaching the MFA Voice I class on Tues/Thurs mornings, and who is directing a bilingual production of Lope de Vega’s Fuente Ovejuna that opens in November.  I absolutely LOVE Anna’s class and Anna herself (as do my peers) and so I couldn’t be more elated to be in the cast of Fuente.  Rehearsals begin Sept 25, and roles will be assigned sometime within the first week or so of rehearsal.

3) Finally, this is the second year of CSULA’s Performance Salon — a series of play readings directed by Professor Theresa Larkin.  I had a wonderful time auditioning for this project, and am happy to say that I will be reading in 5 of this Fall’s shows.  The format for these events require actors to arrive at 12pm the day of the performance, to read, discuss, and read again before the performance at 7:00pm.  Here are the days/shows I will be participating in:
Romeo & Juliet–Saturday, Sept 23, 7:00pm
Aphra Behn’s The Rover–Sunday, Sept 24, 7:00pm
Frankenstein–Saturday, Oct 21, 7:00pm
Sara Ruhl’s In the Next Room–Sunday, Oct 22, 7:00pm
Virginia Woolf’s Orlando–Saturday, Oct 28, 7:00pm

Once rehearsals for Fuente start, I will be away from home from 9:30am-11:30pm on M/W, from 8:00am-11:30pm on T/Th, and from 9:30am-7:30pm on F.  Weekends are few and far between, with possible Fuente rehearsals scheduled.  Breaks between classes/work/rehearsal on campus are limited.

I like being busy.  It helps keep me motivated and helps keep my depression at bay.  It gives me a clearer sense of what needs to be done.  I especially like being busy when the majority of my time is being spent on creative work.

So that’s a mini-update from the field.  More to come….

1 thought on “Grad School is Busy

  1. our lives are very full. I wouldn’t have it any other way. the pace of city life suits me well, no time to stay “down”. (Even though I really am a country mouse.) It gives me purpose, direction. here’s to 2018!

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