TBD With LDT: The Podcast

After thinking about it for ages and ages, I’ve jumped in headfirst and started a podcast.  It’s called “TBD With LDT,” because the content and direction of each episode is “to be determined” based on what I feel like talking about when I sit down to record (and “To Be Determined” was already taken).  These are candid recordings, currently with no editing to speak of—no real sound editing yet (no intro music, no added sound effects), and certainly no editing of the content.  That is, no content editing apart from the in-the-moment choices made while speaking—the editing we all do when we speak, whether anyone is listening or not.

Why start a podcast if I already have a blog (which is updated only infrequently as is)?  Well, the candid nature of recording is a primary factor.  My “writing voice” and my “speaking voice” are different beasties, although their source is the same.  When writing, I tend to revise differently, and there’s a rhythm and tone that isn’t quite the same as when I’m speaking off the cuff.  Also, I would like to eventually have guests—guest hosts who just riff with me, and guests whom I conduct interviews with.  Blogging is monologue, podcasting makes space for dialogue.

The first episode of TBD With LDT addresses social media—a mini-history of my own social media excursions, a discussion of the nature of audience and anonymity, and thoughts about the paradox of being anti-social while still being social.  I hope you enjoy!  Feedback is welcome 🙂

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