TBD With LDT, Ep. 3 “Representation/Narrative, Part 1”

Episode Three of TBD With LDT is about representation and narrative…and it’s the first of a series on representation/narrative.  As always, this is a stream-of-consciousness recording session, and due to the nature of the topics, and the layers upon layers of meaning and implication, this particular podcast wanders a bit….but it always wanders throughout the landscape of representation/narrative.  I refine and specify points as I go, and I realized after listening, that there are things I would have added in, if I hadn’t been chasing the threads of thought.

Like I would have added Judy Kuhn and Roberta Colindrez to the list of amazing women in the cast of Fun Home.

Like I would have not said “lesbian” as though I was afraid someone’s mom from the 1940’s was going to hear me.

Like I would have remembered that pansexual women love women too, and I would have said “lesbian or bisexual or pan.”

But I like the threads that got explored and introduced here and I’m excited to share it with you, and I hope to hear from some of you who would like to be guests in the Representation/Narrative series on TBD With LDT.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the last few minutes of this episode:

“When you’re missing from the story, people don’t have to worry about you.  They don’t have to think about you as a human being, they don’t have to think about legislation that benefits you, they don’t have to think about going out of their way to help you on the street, they don’t have to think about your troubles and your own human issues and the fact that you, like them, have feelings, right?

If you are missing from the story, then nobody has to give a shit about you.  But if you are in the story, then people cannot ignore you.”

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