POV, or “What’s my ‘brand?’”

One of my longtime besties is a real-life blogger, and I just love her site and her online content overall.  I sometimes look at the array of my online presence(s) and think “I’m never going to be able to pull all of this together.”  And that’s true – right now, my Twitter and Tumblr and Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and website and multiple blogs (some are just archives) don’t have a sense of cohesion.  There isn’t an identifiable point of view.

I started using the hashtag #LoveEachOther when I bought lauradickinsonturner.com – and that is a philosophy that really resonates with me.  It’s also general enough to mean many things.  After all, I can show that I love others by my actions towards them, or by the way I take care of my environment.  I can actively love others by reaffirming them, being conscious of them, practicing awareness, etc.  Love makes itself manifest in innumerable ways.

So how do I start to take steps towards shaping a point of view (POV) that is recognizable and present throughout all my social media?  I don’t necessarily want to take a hard-line branding approach, but I do want to find a kind of consistency that is genuine and authentic to me.

A major step towards consistency is to establish routines and publishing schedules.  Right now I have been able to stay mostly on track with releasing episodes of TBD With LDT late Monday nights.  Score one for me.  Regular blog posts, at least once a week, is probably one of the next steps.  Setting a soft quota of Instagram posts per week – including posts that promote the podcast episodes and the blog posts – is probably another good step.

Have you spent time considering the POV of your online presence?  I imagine many of my entrepreneur and/or freelance friends have and do.  What are your thoughts?

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