Podcast Ep #13 — “A Bit of Introspection”

Friends, it has 3 months since I started recording podcast episodes, and I am giving myself a little squeeze for sticking with it.  Sometimes I wish I had a bit more time/know-how so that I can work on making sure that listening to these are as enjoyable and interesting as possible…for now, I’m just really enjoying finding my groove.

This week’s episode, although only 30 minutes long, touches on a variety of deep issues, some of which I’m going to give a few trigger warnings for, even if they’re only discussed very briefly.

#TriggerWarnings: This episode, among other things, discusses depression, anxiety, binge eating (briefly), repression, and PTSD (also briefly).

I’ve been a self-aware person for most, if not all, of my life.  That awareness increased exponentially in the past 5-10 years, and is undergoing another exponential growth cycle now that I am in grad school.  This avenue for self-reflection and discovery is incredibly potent, and right now, it’s also coinciding with some difficult family news.  In the past few months, I’ve made some personal realizations about trauma, inherited trauma, patterns of depression and behavior, coping mechanisms, repression of emotion/memory/thoughts, and much more.  And today my family got some news that has sharpened the edges on those realizations.

Although this episode deals with big, deep issues, it’s actually an episode about hope and gratitude and healing.


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