If You Go There, We Go There

Armando Molina teaches our Acting III class this semester, and he constantly drops quotable phrases that I jot down in my journal whenever we get a chance.  Journaling is a big part of this program — we have had journals due for each of our three acting classes, each of our three voice classes, and two of our movement classes.  It makes total sense to me, not just because it helps get us in the writing mindset that we will need once we begin writing our thesis.  It makes sense to me because this is how I’ve always approached classes–especially those that I really enjoy and am invested in–I write as much shit down as I possibly can, so that I have a record of discoveries, of new information, of tools and techniques, of terms, etc.  It’s how I learn.

In class this past Friday, September 14, while giving notes to an actor (and by extension, the entire class), Armando said: “you’re the Sherpa to our emotional places – if you go there, we go there.”  The following reflection on that statement is what I wrote in my journal entry that I just submitted, and I wanted to share it.

YES.  I am always reminded of what Anne Bogart and others have said – that the audience will breathe the way you breathe.

We are so interconnected, we humans.  After all, despite differences in DNA, in upbringing, in socio-economic status or education, in gender or sexuality – despite the myriad of human constructs that separate us, at our molecular level, we are all stardust.

Beings of carbon and oxygen and nitrogen and hydrogen – we are the light of stars themselves, made manifest in this wildly difficult and intensely beautiful thing called existence.  We vibrate together.

The light from my spirit, if I allow it, can reach across great distances of time and space, and be received by another human star – and vice versa.  Why are we driven to create, to express, to let our light shine? – because we all began as some of the brightest light in the cosmos.

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