My YouTube Broadway Workout Inspo

Last semester, I made a commitment to myself to get back into a regular physical routine.  For me, that means going to the gym 5-6 times a week.  Yes, I could walk or do home workouts, but going to the gym helps me actually stick to my commitment.  It’s a built-in accountability measure for me: once I’m there, I have to do something.

I typically start off with a 30-60 minute cardio session on the elliptical, treadmill, or stair-climber, before moving on to weight machines, free weights, and mat work/stretching for strength and flexibility.  For me and my metabolism, the cardio is crucial: I have to get my heart rate up and sustain an elevated heart rate in order to activate my systems.  It makes my strength and flexibility training more effective, and it also warms up my body.

But dudes: cardio can get boring.  Sometimes I watch TV shows (the Queer Eye reboot was a fave, as was World of Dance…can’t wait for new episodes of both!), sometimes I listen to my Amazon Music playlists…and more recently, I watch and listen to this super-inspirational YouTube playlist of some of my favorite Broadway numbers.  This playlist gets me going in so many ways: it inspires me as an artist and as an “athlete of the heart” (Artaud), it connects me to my emotional center, and it reminds me of the power of theatre.  Two favorites on the playlist are from the performances by the cast of Hamilton at the White House, especially “How to Say Goodbye.”  Watch it and you’ll likely understand why that number is so particularly moving for me.

Here’s the playlist — it will likely grow over time.  Feel free to suggest videos to add 🙂

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