Resources for growth and change.

White supremacy. It’s violent, dangerous, and insidious. It impacts every imaginable aspect of all of our lives, and it threatens the lives of people of color every second of every day.

White supremacy wasn’t born in the United States, it wasn’t formed during the Civil War or at the birth of the transatlantic slave trade — it’s much, much older and has been an overriding narrative for centuries. White supremacy has shaped and/or created every iota of the structures that support and inform our current, everyday lives.

White supremacy needs to be dismantled completely. This isn’t news. People of color have been trying to dismantle this deadly weapon forever, and white allies have joined them along the way, trying to enact change and support the growth of an awake, aware global community.

But the system needs to be destroyed from within if it is ever going to truly be taken apart so that new paradigms can be built.

Growth and change is painful. All growth comes with some discomfort.

Education is a major part of the process, and education can help make the discomfort less intense, or can help us work with/work through the discomfort.

White people often lean on ignorance or unawareness as reasons why we aren’t doing anything or speaking out against white supremacy and its wide-reaching consequences. But we live in an era where there are more facts and information accessible to us than ever before. “Not knowing” is no longer an excuse that nice white folks (or not so nice white folks) can hide behind.

There are SO MANY ways to educate oneself about white supremacy, about race and racism, about inequity and social justice. I have been compiling resources to create a free website that is basically an aggregate of different types of resources that people can then choose to dive into on their own.

I’ve been gathering not only books and websites and news resources to learn about the issues surrounding/connected to this topic, and I’ve also been following more individuals whose perspectives and/or work help open up my eyes/heart/mind. Following the social media accounts people of color who are writers, artists, actors, directors, creators, musicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, etc. has meant that I get to support their work, but it also means getting to learn about their passions, what’s happening in their world, and what causes and issues they have their eyes on. Following social media collectives like Good Black News or Remezcla has exposed me to current issues and news stories, but also highlighted the successes of people of color that aren’t always in the mainstream news media.

What anti-racist, anti-white supremacy resources would you like more people to know about? What social media accounts do you follow that inspire and inform you? What books or articles have you been reading? What podcasts have opened your eyes and/or resonated with you?

Education is a major component of activism. Let’s learn together.


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