NEWS: Angels in America! Son of Semele!

Two bits of theatre-related LDT news!

I’m in the production of Angels in America at Cal State LA that opens on October 11th! This production is directed by Randee Trabitz (who recently directed The Solid Life of Sugar Water at Deaf West). I’m playing Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz, Henry (Roy Cohn’s doctor), Hannah Pitt, and Ethel Rosenberg. It’s been an awesome experience and I’d love for you to come see it! CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO TICKETS FOR ANGELS

I recently became a track member at the award-winning Son of Semele Ensemble! (SOSE). Track membership is a six-month trial period in which the current company and new members get to suss each other out and decide whether they are a good fit for one another. I’m excited to get this foothold into the Los Angeles theatre community, especially with a company that is innovative, ensemble-based and interested in new voices. SOSE’s infrastructure is built on an involved, hands-on ensemble model, which is familiar to me and my background with Modesto’s independent theatre community. I’ve stepped into the role of Volunteer/Internship Director — so don’t be surprised if you’re a theatre artist in the LA area and you hear from me as I reach out to build SOSE’s volunteer contacts. Likewise, if you’re interested in getting involved, please do contact me! SOSE is about to open its production of Sarah Kane’s 4:48 Psychosis, and we are looking for one or more people to be an assistant stage manager for performances.

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