Actor, Director, Instructor, Writer, Ally, Human.
Artist working to inspire ensemble everywhere.

Hi.  Thank you for visiting my page.  I’m Laura Dickinson-Turner, or LDT for short.  Many things in this world inspire and drive me, but my primary outlets for expression are theatre, literature/language, and teaching.  I’ve also been known to sit down with a guitar and accompany myself to some Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell; I cook a mean improvised dinner; cats and babies flock to me; I also get crafty from time to time with paper and glue, or knitting needles and yarn.

I’ve been “on the internet” in some form or fashion since the year 2000, when I started my first blog.  Since the beginning of this decade (2010), however, I’ve found myself struggling to chronicle the Being and doing of LDT.  This year, I’m taking steps to fix that.