(TW/CW: depression, anxiety, alcoholism)   In my years-long journey with depression and anxiety, there are various habits that I have developed.  Some of these habits are positive ones, the ones that help me maintain and practice awareness so that I can actively combat depression.  Some of these habits are symptoms of the depression itself--subtly self-destructive … Continue reading Habits.

I Can’t Pick Up What You’re Putting Down

I Can't Pick Up What You're Putting Down By Laura Dickinson-Turner Written on 10/21/2012 This thing is heavy. We carry it around with us on frail frames, Fearing the lightness. Fearing freedom. This thing called equality is heavy. We carry it on curled-in countenances, Clinging to the false concept. Cold creation of politics and rhetoric. … Continue reading I Can’t Pick Up What You’re Putting Down

Grad School is Busy

I just spent about an hour creating a shared Google Calendar for Joel and I.  He started a part-time job at Grow DTLA last week, and my grad school schedule is growing and making a space for us to see each other's schedules at a glance (including events we are attending together--like the shows … Continue reading Grad School is Busy

Border Crossings

Border crossings are terrifying Be they borders Geographical Physical Emotional Societal or Metaphysical The borders between two countries between two states between two cities between adolescence & adulthood between love & hate between acceptance & non-acceptance between the known & unknown Border crossings are confrontations with the binary Between one thing and the Other They're … Continue reading Border Crossings

The Artist is the Answer

For the past five weeks, I have been temping as a file clerk at an office in downtown Modesto.  This office is populated with great, kind folks, most of whom have been there for 5 or more years (many of them 10 or more).  Their jobs before this company were, for the most part, also … Continue reading The Artist is the Answer

Friday Storytime

Here's a little story about street harrassment...and how one moment can restore a little of one's faith in humanity. FLASHBACK—two days ago, walking to Wednesday's 6:30pm rehearsal.   It's bright and sunny out, a harbinger of the nine-day heat wave yet to come.  I am in black jeans, sunglasses, and a t-shirt, with no makeup … Continue reading Friday Storytime

New Website!

This week, I bit the bullet and invested in a personal plan through that allows me to have my own domain name and more insights into the ways folks are interacting with the site.  Unfortunately, either because of my own human error (likely) or a functionality issue in WordPress, my existing page/blog didn't get … Continue reading New Website!


Finally....... Twelve years of trying.  Twelve years, on and off, with alternating bursts of hope and self-doubt.  Twelve years of periodic wondering what I needed to do differently in order to be seen, to be received, to be wanted. I have been accepted to.....(read more by clicking the link above)

Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two

Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two...... A big thank you to those students who joined me for the first week of drop-in Viewpoints classes at Prospect Theater Project! I loved getting to explore Spatial Relationship and Tempo with you: watching you play and inhabit the room was really joyful. What was really beautiful to see … Continue reading Drop-in Viewpoints at PTP: Week Two

Blogging and Branding

Blogging and Branding...... I started what would be considered my first weblog back in my freshman year at CSU Stanislaus—seventeen years ago, in the early days of internet use by the masses.  For a long time, I housed my thoughts on Yahoo’s Geocities webhosting, but I was not clever enough to save the months and … Continue reading Blogging and Branding