I Can’t Pick Up What You’re Putting Down

I Can't Pick Up What You're Putting Down By Laura Dickinson-Turner Written on 10/21/2012 This thing is heavy. We carry it around with us on frail frames, Fearing the lightness. Fearing freedom. This thing called equality is heavy. We carry it on curled-in countenances, Clinging to the false concept. Cold creation of politics and rhetoric. … Continue reading I Can’t Pick Up What You’re Putting Down

Border Crossings

Border crossings are terrifying Be they borders Geographical Physical Emotional Societal or Metaphysical The borders between two countries between two states between two cities between adolescence & adulthood between love & hate between acceptance & non-acceptance between the known & unknown Border crossings are confrontations with the binary Between one thing and the Other They're … Continue reading Border Crossings