“In the short period of just over a year, Laura Dickinson-Turner has proved to be a significantly impactful figure in my academic and personal life. I have experienced Laura as an actress, a teacher, an employer, an academic counselor, and as a general source of moral support. I find her to be so exceedingly competent in all the aforementioned positions, and I am not alone in feeling that her presence in the CSU Stanislaus Theatre Department has been essential to its cohesiveness. Laura has been not only been a witness, but a major catalyst for my own growth as an actress, and as a person generally. She is a teacher in every sense of the word, and I find myself constantly learning from her.Without her kindness, and welcoming aura I may not have entered the CSU Stanislaus Theatre department in the first place, and I certainly may not have stayed.” –Lexi Silva

Testimonial: Lexi Silva