“LAURA!!  I just wanted to let you know how awesome you are. It has been the greatest honor working with you… You are so passionate about your work and you let it vibe around in your bones. To this day I appreciate the time you went out your way to make sure I could make it to the production of Pygmalion and watch your magnificent work. I will forever hold that with me. I’ve not realized how important that show is to me, being the first play I’ve seen as a young adult, and having the opportunity to fully engage with live theatre, I don’t have all the words for it now but it was really really really important. I truly look up to you because you live and breathe your passion. I know we are all pretty inconsistent humans but I can tell you make a conscious effort to practice what you preach and it rubs off. …it’s important to me that you know you change my world everyday…so feel free to use this, if any of it even works… If you do use this, please incorporate this somewhere: Laura is so g-d fricking important to all of the arts and if you are looking for life changing results, pure commitment, and heart melting words of love, and hugs of greatness then she, and by she I do mean, Laura Dickinson-Turner, is the woman to witness in action!–Nandi Mathews, student, writer

Testimonial: Nandi Mathews