Laura Dickinson-Turner is perhaps the most influential artist I have encountered in my life thus far. I began as a student in her semester-long, weekly improvisation/viewpoints course at Thomas Downey High School, and so marked my shift from potential creative energy to the manifestation of exploring and allowing it to become kinetic. Her teachings have stuck with me. I very often whisper to myself “If it scares you, go towards it” as she first instructed me to do. Her faith in the work and the capability of her students opens up the opportunity for gorgeous work of play and discovery. The most stunning thing about Laura and the way she works is the offerings she makes to her students as a teacher, artist, and fellow human. She has an unspeakable grace in everything she does. She has been a catalyst in my life, and in the lives of many of my fellow classmates from that autumn in the Downey theatre. In the nearly four years I’ve had the honor to work with her, her generosity continues as a sincerely loving and encouraging presence. She is a tireless champion of the arts community and of many individual artists within it.”  –Summer Krafft

Testimonial: Summer Krafft